Governor of Araucanía and 26 mayors ask the government to “use all the tools” to “achieve peace” in the region

Governor of Araucanía and 26 mayors ask the government to "use all the tools" to "achieve peace" in the region

The Governor of La Araucanía, Luciano Rivasand 26 mayors of the provinces of Malleco and Cautín, asked the government of the President Gabriel Boric make it a “national priority” to find a solution to the conflict in the region.

In a letter, they pointed out “that it is urgent” and “it must become a national priority to find an effective solution. Chileans, Mapuche and non-Mapuche deserve to have a better future.”

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They pointed out that the “solutions proposed so far by different governments since Santiago have only used our pain to promote political agendas that solve nothing and generate a false social breakdown. However, our house is not divided, we have more common points than disagreements.”

Along these lines, they pointed out that La Araucanía “wants and needs to hear that the government will use all the tools of the State to achieve peace, find reconciliation and end violence wherever it comes from.”

In addition, they requested that the government’s decisions be made in coordination with “those of us who live in the territory” and that “they must be based on the principle of reciprocity.”

Likewise, they pointed out that “the victims be compensated whatever their origin. The State has the obligation to compensate those who have been victims of a conflict that should have been resolved a long time ago.”

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