Government will not raise fuels in November due to extraordinary profits from Ancap

Government will not raise fuels in November due to extraordinary profits from Ancap


The national government decided not to raise fuel rates in November “after analyzing the evolution of import parity prices in combination with Ancap’s results,” said the Executive in a statement.

They indicated that the state refiner “continues to receive income derived from the sale of diesel to UTE for the export of energy to Brazil.”

“In this way, the Executive Power maintains the criterion of allocating the extraordinary results of Ancap to favor the economic reactivation in the post-pandemic stage,” the government added in the statement.

“According to the increases derived from the international evolution of prices, the rates to the public would have increased 3.8% ($ 2.69 per liter) in the case of Super 95 gasoline and 13.7% ($ 6.83 per liter) for Gasoil 50S as of November 1 ”, explained the Ministry of Industry.

Political move?

On Thursday, the weekly Busca reported that there were several meetings to discuss how to keep fuel prices frozen during November, something that ended up being confirmed.

Interviewed by the media, the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, said that “I don’t care that Ancap earns millions of dollars, what matters to me is that it has stabilized prices and that people earn with cheaper fuel”, and Regarding the possibility of prices freezing while the LUC is being discussed, he stated: “a conjunctural effect that is negative, that has a negative impact. What happens is that there you have to see Ancap’s back ”.

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