Government wants to intervene a settlement by department before the end of the year

In recent weeks the Ministry of Housing (MVOT) holds meetings with authorities from all departmental governments to outline the details of Social and Urban Integration Planwith which it is planned to address the situation of settlements at the national level. Its financing, through a trust, was one of the most discussed in the Accountability of 2021, and in the end it was obtained from the funds granted to the National Colonization Institute (INC).

Sources familiar with the negotiations told The Observer that the objective is to reach the end of the year working in a settlement per department. In any case, the sources assured that this does not necessarily imply that there are machines working, but that you can start with tasks with sociologists or administrative procedures.

The Ministry of Housing plans to sign a framework agreement with the municipalities and then agree on specific agreements with each one. “The idea is to make a tailored suit,” explained a source.

Total, counting on the programs that were already being applied, the ministry expects to work with 48 settlements by the end of the yearwith most of them already under construction. Although the law allows them to act more easily in settlements that are on public land, the ministry intends to prioritize settlements that have greater situations of vulnerability, wherever they are. For that, they will take into account the word of the mayors.

The portfolio led by Irene Moreira is represented, in the conversations with the departmental governments, by the National Directorate of Social and Urban Integration (Dinysu), created in this administration, whose role is pool “funding sources”for later distribute them “throughout the countrydepending on the needs of each department,” explained Alejandro Lussich, director of Housing for the Municipality of Maldonado.

The Observer communicated with Florencia Arbeleche, director of Dinysu, but preferred not to make any statements until the general project is complete.


Relocate, refurbish homes, or buy a used house, are the options presented by the ministry- Settlement Santa Eugenia

The Director of Housing of the Municipality of Salto, Nelly Rodríguez, told The Observer So far they had two meetings with Dinysu, in which they explained that there are three possible paths to address the situation of the families living in the settlements: in the first place there is the “total relocation”, that involves moving a family to another area to a new home.

Then the director indicated the possibility of “retrofit” homes that may still be habitablepossibly with a “basket of materials” to fix a specific point of the home. can finally give “buying a used home” for a maximum of $55 thousandin the case of families with enough income to support their basic expenses (water and electricity), Rodríguez concluded.

The Salta director, whose department has 29 settlements, remarked that Dinysu came with a “very broad proposal”, in which MVOT builds and Salto provides the land. The ministry has already set them the priority of working on the La Amarilla settlementone of Salto’s historic ones according to Rodríguez, and they hope to have a new meeting next week.

Rodríguez indicated that from the portfolio they transmitted to him that they want to “provide a solution as soon as possible” to La Amarillabut They have not set deadlines or a budget. “We wait with expectation,” concluded the director.

work in progress

Government wants to intervene a settlement by department before the end of the year

In Maldonado, the main plan proposed by the mayor is based on adding Dinisu to the work already planned or underway in the commune- Settlement Santa Eugenia

In Maldonado, meanwhile, Dinysu will join the relocation work of the Kennedy neighborhooda project that the Intendancy of that department is already carrying out thanks to a financing from the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), informed the director of Departmental Housing Lussich.

In the eastern department, the main plan proposed by the administration is based on add Dinysu to the works already proposed or in progress of the commune. One of them will be the settlement Eucalyptus, with more than 900 families, the manager added.

Then they plan to work in the settlements Halty and Brisas del Monte de San Carlos, a settlement near the José Ignacio lagoon, and begin the second stage of work on the settlement Saint Anthony 4consisting of a road work. Neighborhoods are also in view Benedetti and Blight, although still they have not found a solution for their situations.

Except for the job at Kennedy, all other settlements have not yet been addressed. So far the work of the ministry in Maldonado there is no deadline, and the identification of areas to be addressed continuesLussich explained. The director did not specify how many settlements there are in the department, but there are 2,600 families living in that situation.

From the abstract to the practical

Government wants to intervene a settlement by department before the end of the year

Canelones has more than one hundred settlements within 30 communes and 130 populated centers- Settlement 6 de Enero

Canelones has more than one hundred settlements within 30 communes and 130 population centersdetailed the director of Canarian Housing Marcelo Amengual, who said that the Intendancy seeks to work in certain areas with more “social and housing vulnerability”, and wait for the funding from the MVOT to know what actions they will take in these places.

Amengual maintained that they want “go from the most abstract to the practical” and added that there is a “good dialogue” with the authorities of the portfolio, and they try at this moment “generate as many joints as possible” and “adjust priorities”.

The manager explained that the number of people living in Canelones settlements grew from 2020 to 2021because “many people from the interior” have arrivedwhich he thought happens because of the characteristics of the territorythe job supply growthand that the area has become a propitious place to “develop”, Amengual listed, adding that “This situation does not escape the lowest quintiles.”

The constant arrival of people generates the planning and territorial ordering of the zones change constantlyalthough Amengual clarified that the Intendancy of Canelones has identified the areas with the greatest problems thanks to a “good emergency response system”.

However, the department manager does not want to state yet what are the priority areas for the commune so as not to generate expectationssince they depend on the financing of the MVOT for the final decision.

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