From shoeshine and selling coal to President Luis Abinader's security chief

From shoeshine and selling coal to President Luis Abinader’s security chief

Army Brigadier General Celin Rubio Terrerocurrent head of security for the president Louis Abinadercomes from a humble family in Salinas de Barahona, whose economic condition forced him to work from a very young age as a shoe shiner, selling charcoal and groceries to help support himself and his closest relatives.

Rubio Toribio is currently admitted to the Ramón de Lara hospital after suffering dizziness on Monday. At noon, the Presidency of the Republic reported that his “health condition is stable” and that he “is in good spirits, chatting animatedly and awaiting the decisions of the doctors who are treating him.”

The report indicates that the doctors issued the diagnosis of a “referred hypertensive emergency” and “hemorrhagic cerebral event”.

The senior officer was appointed by President Abinader as head of the Corps of Military Assistants (cusp) on August 16, 2020, and in March 2021 he was promoted to major general through decree 195-21.

The commentator and former president of the Dominican Olympic Committee, Luisín Mejía, once said that although Rubio Terrero is not often seen behind the head of state, “he has absolute control” of his position and his entire team.

The soldier Rubio Terrero is praised for his path of improvement in information published by various media and signed by the journalist Edgar Heredia.

According to Heredia, the senior officer is 58 years old. He emigrated from Barahona to the capital in search of better opportunities after being taken in by an aunt. Here he dedicated himself to shining shoes, selling coal and “trinkets”, responsibilities that he assumed without leaving his studies.

“Tired of this job and in search of a better quality of life, he worked in a mechanic shop in the Capotillo sector; but later he changed that trade for cabinet making, at the end of high school he entered the then National Army as an enlisted man, and then he was evaluated and accepted as a cadet candidate of the same institution, in May 1984”, indicates Heredia.

This is how his military life began until today reaching the highest rank of the military institutions.

As for his academic training, he has a degree in Education, mention in modern languages ​​and has a master’s degree in Educational Management.

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