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Government promises that in 2023 the seismic alert will reach cell phones

Government promises that in 2023 the seismic alert will reach cell phones

The owner of the National Civil Protection Coordination (CNPC), Laura Velazquez Alzuareported this morning that the Mexican Seismic Alert System (sasmex) will have a new broadcast channel, now through mobile phones in the year 2023.

During the morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the official indicated that her agency collaborates with other telecommunications and civil protection authorities to make it possible for Mexicans to also receive alerts on your phone mobile.

Alerts are received through radio receivers here, in Mexico City, with the C5 loudspeakers, which is also the most useful, because it is the system that alerts the largest number of people (…) And since 1993 too it is alerted via commercial AM and FM radio and television. And soon, by 2023, we will be through cell phones”, promised Laura Velázquez Alzúa.

The official did not provide more details regarding whether the alerts will be sent via text messages (SMS) or via the Internet, with messaging messages such as WhatsApp, Telegram or WeChat.

In Mexico, there is a park close to 127.5 million cell lines, 2.5% more than a year ago, according to estimates from the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) and more than 30 million of these accesses are located in the metropolitan area of ​​the Valley of Mexico, a region of high seismicity in the country.

Of all the total park, also IFT estimates, some 112 million cell lines They have a mobile Internet service, either prepaid or postpaid, and also a potential fee to send some type of seismic alert from that channel.

Mexico is a highly seismic country in the world. Laura Velázquez Alzúa said that from 1991 to 2022, the Mexican Seismic Alert System has recorded more than 10,500 earthquakes that are perceptible to humans and of which 171 warranted the activation of the alert seismic.

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