Hospitalizations for Covid-19 cases have decreased at the Figali Center

Angel Valdes | December 29, 2022

Dr. Sharomay Osma, medical director of the assistance center for covid-19 patients at the Figali center, gave details to Radio Panama of how the situation is at the moment in said care center.

We have had an increase in cases in the months of November and December and at this time we are having a decrease again and care has turned more than hospitalizations, to outpatient consultations for Covid-19 patients ”, stressed Dr. Osma

In a recent statement sent by the Centro de Asistencia por Covid-19 del Centro Figali reported 20% occupation of patients and urged to maintain biosecurity measures to avoid an increase in cases

Today our greatest influence of patients are covid-19 positive in the first days of the disease, because we have an antiviral clinic in which between the fifth and seventh day patients are given drugs to reduce the viral load by Consequently, reduce symptoms, reduce the chances of hospitalization and reduce sequelae, we also have a post-Covid-19 clinic that patients who present risk factors or were very symptomatic when they presented the disease, should go to the third week for check-ups.” Osma said.

Dr. Osma also recommended that if you have risk factors and are positive for covid, you can go to the Figali Center “If your test comes out positive and you have risk factors such as coronary disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer patients, among others, you should go to the Figali Center There you will be attended immediately with a document that identifies you, you do not need a referral to receive care at the clinic and the appropriate treatment, laboratory tests are done to evaluate the patient and based on that, you are given the appropriate medication and follow-up ”.

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