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Basa Capital and Lares sign an alliance to finance first-home projects

Basa Capital and Lares, a company of the Miaterra Group, sign an alliance for the upcoming launch of the Real Estate Investment Fund called “Lares I” of Basa Capital, with the objective of financing lots plus construction, development and commercialization of 86 housing units , in different areas of Greater Asunción, with approximate quotas from Gs. 2,400,000 monthly. These homes will have various designs, including the entrance hall, two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and integrated dining room, built on large 360m2 lots.

The signing of the agreement was attended by the Basa Capital board of directors, Rafael Lara and Andrea González, and by Lares and Grupo Miaterra, Jorge Bernardes and Augusto Mengual.

Rafael Lara commented: “

The alliance was born under the objective of permanently giving the best to our clients and letting them know that at Basa Capital they will always be able to find innovative products that help diversify their investment options. We hope to promote the financing of a project that aims to serve an underserved market segment in the real estate sector, which generates a very attractive investment for investors.”.

For his part, the representative of Lares

He stated that it is a company of the Miaterra Group, which is a holding company with more than 11 years of experience in the real estate business and more than USD 100 million invested in different businesses such as: buildings, apartments, corporate offices, commercial shows. , homes, subdivisions, building management, among others.

Basa Capital and Lares sign an alliance to finance first-home projects

Likewise, to date, more than 500 Paraguayan families have already made their dream of owning a home come true, through LARES.

Through this alliance, it is expected to cover a large part of the housing demand that exists in the country, offering accessible opportunities so that all Paraguayans can fulfill the dream of owning their own home at a rental price and thus improve their quality of life.

To be an investor in this real estate project, a minimum investment of Gs is enough. 10 million, with a term of 12 months and an annual target rate of 13%. This is a great opportunity to invest and diversify your business portfolio with a project with great potential.

If you want more information about this investment project, you can contact Basa Capital at (021) 618 7900 or visit the website


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