Government of Ortega inaugurates "House of Sovereignty" in the OAS building

Government of Ortega inaugurates “House of Sovereignty” in the OAS building

The Nicaraguan authorities inaugurated this Thursday the so-called “House of Sovereignty” in Managua, located in the building leased by the Organization of American States (OAS) and which was expropriated after being declared by the government of Daniel Ortega as “a interfering body”.

According to the authorities, in this place there will be a graphic and documentary archive “of revolutionary thought” where “the formation of values ​​and principles of Nicaragua will be strengthened.”

“The House of Sovereignty is and continues to be a space for study, training, and research on our doctrine and practice of Independence, sovereignty, dignity, and national identity as key factors for the comprehensive development of our people,” Ramona told the official media. Rodríguez, president of the National Council of Universities.

The Ortega government seized the OAS headquarters in Managua in April 2022, after Nicaragua expelled the organization from the country after calling it “an instrument of the United States.”

Initially, Rosario Murillo, vice president of Nicaragua and spokesperson for the government, said that “the museum of infamy” would be developed in the building occupied by the OAS.

Nicaragua asked to leave the OAS in November 2021, days after the presidential elections were held in which Ortega won a new five-year term, after jailing all the opposition.

The OAS declared that the votes in Nicaragua on November 7 did not have “legitimacy”.

Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada said at the time that the OAS “has been pointed out as a political forum to act as an instrument of interference and intervention by the United States.”

The process for the country to completely leave the organization is two years, so if the decision is not backed down, this fact would take place in November 2023.

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