Government hopes to open roads in Rio de Janeiro today

Government hopes to open roads in Rio de Janeiro today

President Jair Bolsonaro said he was working together with the government of Rio de Janeiro to release, even today (3), the roads affected by the rains that devastate the state over the weekend.Government hopes to open roads in Rio de Janeiro today

In a video call with the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Castro, and the mayor of Angra dos Reis, Fernando Jordão, the president said that the lanes need to be clear for a possible evacuation of the inhabitants around the Angra dos Reis nuclear plants.

Today, the governor of Rio de Janeiro had asked the Minister of Infrastructure, Marcelo Sampaio, to shut down the Angra 1 and Angra 2 plants because the landslides prevent the implementation of the emergency plan in the event of an accident at the facilities.

As informed earlier by the National Civil Defense, there are 23 points of the BR-101 totally or partially closed due to fallen trees and landslides.

Highway Patrol

Because of the rains that killed at least 15 people in the state, BR-101 (Rio-Santos) and RJ-155 are blocked by landslides. At Rio–Santos, there are at least 11 interdiction points. The most recent barrier fell in the late morning and was announced by the Federal Highway Police (PRF) in the early afternoon. The PRF recommends that drivers avoid the Rio–Santos between Mangaratiba and Paraty because of the constant landslides.

The entire municipality of Angra dos Reis is in a state of emergency because of bad weather. The most affected places are Ilha Grande, where Itaguaçu Beach was buried by mud, and the Monsuaba neighborhood, the most vulnerable area of ​​the city to storms. In the rains that fell on New Year’s Eve 2010, the neighborhood was the most affected by the landslides.

house building

Governor Cláudio Castro visited today (3) affected areas in Angra dos Reis. According to the state government, he announced the construction of houses on land in the Monsuaba neighborhood, where a landslide hit six houses. The project will be carried out in partnership with the municipality and the federal government. Cláudio Castro also said that he had obtained a commitment from CCR RioSP, the concessionaire that manages the affected stretch of BR-101, for an increase in personnel with the objective of clearing the road.

*Article amended, at 5:52 pm, for additional information. Collaborated with Léo Rodrigues, from Rio de Janeiro

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