Government holds fair for sale of 139 properties in Minas Gerais

Government holds fair for sale of 139 properties in Minas Gerais

The Secretariat for Coordination and Governance of the Union’s Heritage (SPU) of the Ministry of Economy held today (19) another edition of the Feirão de Imóveis SPU+, in Belo Horizonte. 139 properties were offered to the private sector, which are eligible to receive an acquisition proposal.Government holds fair for sale of 139 properties in Minas Gerais

The new model allows any person, natural or legal, to present proposals for the purchase of properties from the Union, before they are officially offered in a public notice. All the real estate list is published on the SPU website. Thus, the government manages to optimize the assets that will be offered for sale, according to market attraction.

The government’s forecast is that the auctions of the properties presented this Friday will take place in March 2022. In addition to Minas Gerais, the SPU has already held fairs at the Rio de Janeiro is on São Paulo. Two more are planned by the end of the year, on December 3rd in Porto Alegre and, on December 15th, in Brasília.

“What we have been looking for is to reduce the stock of areas in the Union, which are sometimes abandoned. We will continue offering even those assets that had no proposals. The market is interested in the most attractive ones, but once sold, it moves on to the next ones. The most important thing was to create the model”, he told the Brazil Agency the Special Secretary for Privatization, Divestment and Markets, Diogo Mac Cord.

He explained that, before the advance proposal mechanism, each R$1 in public notices turned into R$0.03 in sales; with the proposed property acquisition, each R$1 in the notice was transformed into R$1.6 in sales.

Of the 139 assets selected for this Friday’s fair, 122 are from the SPU itself and 17 from the National Social Security Institute (INSS). They are land, sheds, farms and railway yards. The highlights are areas in the Belvedere neighborhood, in the capital of Minas Gerais, and in Nova Lima, a municipality in the metropolitan region, which, together, have already received 38 proposals to purchase the real estate market.

In Minas Gerais, there are almost a thousand properties under the management of the SPU. Since the regulation of the PAI mechanism, more than 200 proposals have been presented in the state.

Submission of proposals

The property acquisition proposal was created by Law 14.011/20. Those interested in any property in the Union can make offers fully online through the platform sales government.

If the proposal is accepted, the interested party will be instructed to provide an appraisal report of the asset and present it for approval within the established period, with the payment of a deposit, equivalent to 5% of the property’s appraised value. Then, a public competition is opened, in which any interested party can make offers on the sales platform.

The advantage is that the bidder who sent the PAI, provided the assessment and approved it at the SPU will have preemptive rights in the public bidding process. In other words, if you do not submit the highest bidder on the day of the bidding, you can purchase the property on equal terms with the bidder who made the highest bid. If you prefer not to exercise this right, in addition to returning the deposit, the interested party will be reimbursed for the evaluation costs directly by the winner of the bid.

Secretary Mac Cord highlighted that, in this sense, the market itself ends up regulating the value of the property, if the report presented is below market value. “That is why transparency and competition are important. Once publicized, the market will always adjust the price”, said Mac Cord, explaining that the average premium (amount above the forecast) is 60% in these auctions.

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