Government filed urgent message for tax reform

The tax reform has already begun its discussion in the Congress of the Republic, with the citations to which the Minister of Finance, José Antonio Ocampo, has attended to explain the project and try to achieve consensus with all political sectors.

In the middle of this, The National Government has already presented the corresponding urgency message so that this initiative is discussed in the first debate in Joint Third Commissions of the Senate and the Chamber of Representatives.

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The President of Congress, Roy Barreras, He said that this law is the most important on the legislative agenda, so he hopes that it will be approved as soon as possible.

“I hope that once the speakers do their first task and the first public hearings, we can be within three weeks approving the tax reform in the first debate”he indicated.

In Barreras calculations, the first tax debate should be ready in September, so that Congress can also advance in the discussion of the 2023 Budget.

“I would hope that the message of urgency implies that we have the first debate approved in the month of September so that the Economic Commissions concentrate on the General Budget of the Nation.whose deadline is October 20, then resuming the tax reform in the last debate in the first week of November,” he said.

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Barreras affirmed that the resources collected with the tax will be used to finance social programs and serve the poorest. “I thank the Government and the Minister of Finance for putting their foot on the accelerator, because it is urgent to finance the law against hunger, to close the gap of social inequity, we need those resources”, said.

The president of Congress said that the process of the tax reform will be done with total transparency, facing the citizens and advancing the corresponding public hearings that allow knowing all the content of the initiative.

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