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Government evaluated achievements and set goals for 2023

Government evaluated achievements and set goals for 2023

After the last Council of Ministers of the year, convened by President Lacalle Pou, the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Pablo Mieres, assessed the results obtained by the Government in 2022 as highly positive. In addition, he listed the objectives for next year, focused on increasing employment, the continuity of the wage recovery, and improving the situation of the most vulnerable.

After the meeting, held this Monday the 19th in the Executive Tower, which was attended by authorities from all the State secretariats, Minister Mieres shared an analysis of the achievements, including the implementation of three fundamental reforms: social security , education, and state management.

In addition, he recalled that the growth of the economy was around 5%, a figure higher than what the Government expected. Mieres added that work continues on the salary recovery process, and that there is a very strong drive for public works, mainly in the areas of roads and housing. He also recognized that the balance of the Administration during 2022 is “highly positive”.

In another order, he highlighted that, despite the inflation that the world has endured, the country was able to face the phenomenon, with an increase of approximately two points, while in developed societies it was more than five.

Likewise, he advanced the axes on which government work will focus in 2023: increase in employment, recovery of wages, and an improvement in the situation of the most vulnerable. “A year is closing with very positive prospects,” he concluded. Presidency

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