Giuzzio is "on the ropes"

Giuzzio is “on the ropes”

The Permanent Commission of the Congress, during its ordinary session yesterday, defined two questions in relation to the permanence or dismissal of Arnaldo Giuzzio, Minister of the Interior.

First, the Commission called a special session reserved for today at 08:00. On the day, the legislators will have a meeting with the Minister of the Interior and with Luis Arias, commander of the National Police to discuss the crisis generated by insecurity. Based on the answers they receive, the legislators will decide whether to convene an extraordinary session of Deputies to deal with their impeachment.

Along with this issue, secondly, the deputies have the possibility of calling an extraordinary session gathering 20 signatures. For this reason, on their own initiative, they collected the names and as of yesterday they run 48 hours for it to be convened (it must be held on Friday or Monday).

Zulma Gómez, a national senator for the PLRA (llanista) was the first to question Giuzzio. She affirmed that organized crime has sent a clear message to the National Government, Congress and the Paraguayan people about who is in charge in the country.

“This Congress cannot be silent. The message was so clear that, with 20,000 people, they went in to kill. He warned that motorcycle riders and petty criminals feel safer to commit criminal acts after the event that occurred in the amphitheater last Sunday night.

“Those responsible are the National Police and the Ministry of the Interior. The most serious thing about what Giuzzio said was that he was aware that in San Bernardino there were people with criminal records, people who could attack any citizen, they still did not protect people, ”he criticized.

He regretted that Abdo had not made a strong statement summoning those responsible for security to obtain results, since the president indicated that the wave of hired assassins could increase.

“The people expect changes. They expect a clearer position from us, not a complicit silence”, she sentenced.

accusatory libel
In the accusatory libel it is mentioned that Giuzzio denied that the “kidnapping industry” has been installed in the country, despite the four kidnappings that occurred in 2021.

Another questioned point was the high number of hired killers. In 2021 alone, there have been 28 homicides (hired killers), of which they have left a total of 31 fatalities. While only in January 2022 there have already been 12 attacks by order, leaving a balance of 15 deaths. Just to name a few of the reasons.

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