Congressman Óscar Zea: "We did not expect Héctor Valer to be at the head of the cabinet"

Congressman Óscar Zea: “We did not expect Héctor Valer to be at the head of the cabinet”

In an interview with Peru21TV, a congressman from Peru Libre, stated that the teachers’ bloc “had no knowledge of who would be appointed ministers” and did not expect that heads the third cabinet, in six months of government of .

“We did not expect Valer to be at the head of the cabinet. We, the teachers’ bloc, had no knowledge of who would be appointed ministers; Through the press we learned of the appointment of Katy Ugarte as Minister for Women. If there are ministers with serious questions, there is time to change them in such a way that we can give them confidence”, he claimed.

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We spoke with the Free Peru congressman Oscar Zea, who analyzes the third cabinet in less than a year of President Pedro Castillo.

On the other hand, Zea Choquechambi, when asked about the “shadow cabinet” of Pedro Castillo, revealed that he is a witness to “pressure” on the president.

“There are advisers who have a history and seek their particular interests and make deals, President Castillo should not allow them to approach him; We would advise the president to be thorough, careful and not accept pressure. The president must take professionals with a north”he concluded.

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Premier Héctor Valer is accused of family violence
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