Gilma Camargo on the law of December 20: ‘This law is a reflection of the pettiness of the PRD’

The lawyer specialized in human rights, Gilma Gloria Camargo, referred to the sanction of the law that declares December 20 as a National Day of Mourning.

He considered that it is important to take into account that on that date people from all social strata and from all over the country died, and not recognizing that tragedy was a damage to the personality of the Panamanian State as such.

“This law is a reflection of the pettiness of the PRD, which wanted to take over the issue of the invasion at a very important moment as a political date for its own benefit,” the jurist remarked.

He added that the invasion is not about the dead, but also about the living, and the aftermath of the invasion is not over yet. “There are living people suffering these damages. Our entire system of politics, economy, form of society, way of relating to each other as citizens was affected, and all these areas have to be studied”, he maintained.

He stressed that this is a struggle of the people who marched and went to the Assembly thousands of times, “a project that was manipulated, delayed and disturbed by political interests.”

In Camargo’s opinion, we still have not complied with the assistance that the National Government must give to the survivors.

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