Cabello: the opposition promotes an attack on the SEN

Cabello: the opposition promotes an attack on the SEN

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, pointed out that the Venezuelan opposition uses media matrixes to promote a new attack against the national electricity system and generate anguish in the population.

During her program Con el Mazo Dando, Cabello said that “this week Mrs. Tamara Sujú has launched, that there is no electricity, she is in I don’t know where, somewhere in the world, and says that the blackouts don’t let people they cannot store food, which is being cooked with firewood.”

Likewise, he reviewed that in 2019 there was a cyber attack against the country’s electrical system, which, in Cabello’s opinion, was perpetrated by the national right.
“In 2019 they all went to attack the national electricity system, a war with sabotage included and media matrixes created,” he concluded.

He questioned that personalities who do not support the management of President Nicolás Maduro seek by any means to generate false news about Venezuela and its compatriots to discredit the nation.

In this regard, regarding Venezuelan migration, he commented: “That if they go to the United States, that they go to Chile, what remains of El Nacional had a note about that, five thousand kilometers to Chile, walking I imagine. How much did they pay at the United States border, trying to raise that matrix again?

Along these lines, he questioned that the media campaigns stimulated Venezuelan migration, which was “orchestrated by mercenaries who said that there was no future in Venezuela. Those people go back and compare how Venezuela is right now and how it is where they were. There is no comparison, the country is the country, ”she limited.

He added that currently within the ranks of the opposition they are divided.

“The same ones who called for an end to the usurpation now call for primaries.”

He stressed that in the opposition sectors “there will be no primaries because they are never able to agree and that they will not participate in anything because they distrust each other, they do not respect each other, everyone knows that one is more rogue than another. They are thieves, they have stolen everything, although right now the longliners are like crazy because they distributed a talk there and left a crowd outside,” said Cabello.

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