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General Júlio Cesar de Arruda assumes Army Command

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General Júlio Cesar de Arruda was sworn in today (30) as the new commander of the Army. The ceremony took place at 10 am at the Army Club, in Brasília, and was attended by the Vice President of the Republic, Hamilton Mourão.

The change in command of the Army had already been formalized through decrees published in the Official Diary of the Union last Wednesday (28). The general temporarily assumes the post previously occupied by Marco Antônio Freire Gomes.


Júlio Cesar de Arruda is the current head of the Army’s Engineering and Construction department. Born on January 9, 1959, in Cuiabá, he joined the Army in 1975. Two years later, he joined the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras.

During his military life, he served in engineering units in Itajubá (MG), in Rio de Janeiro-RJ, in Cuiabá and in Brasília. As a lieutenant colonel, he was an advisor to the Institutional Security Office of the Presidency of the Republic (2000-2001) and commanded the 1st Battalion of Special Forces, in Goiânia, in the biennium 2005-2006.

As a colonel, he took the Army Politics, Strategy and Senior Administration course. He commanded the Army Administration School / Military College in Salvador, was an instructor at the Reserve Officers Preparation Center in Itajubá (MG), at the Officer Improvement School and at the Army Command and General Staff School.

Abroad, he was a Military Observer for the Second United Nations Verification Mission in Angola (UnavemI I) and advisor to the Brazilian Military Cooperation in Paraguay. He took the Counterterrorism and Interagency Cooperation course at the National Defense University in the United States.

Already as a general officer, he was commander of the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras in Resende (RJ), commander of Special Operations in Goiânia, director of Higher Military Education in Rio de Janeiro, deputy commander of Land Operations in Brasília, deputy head of the Engineering department and Construction, also in Brasília, and military commander of the East in Rio de Janeiro.

Among the decorations with which he was awarded are the Gold Military Medal with Platinum Guide, the Order of Military Merit – Grand Cross, the Order of Aeronautical Merit – Grand Officer, the Order of Naval Merit – Grand Officer, and the Order of Defense Merit – Grand Officer.

Navy and Air Force

O Official Diary of the Union this Friday, the changes of command in the Navy and Air Force become official. Fleet Admiral Marcos Sampaio Olsen replaces Almir Garnier Santos in the Navy on an interim basis, while Air Force Lieutenant Marcelo Kanitz Damasceno replaces, as of the 2nd, Carlos Almeida Baptista Junior in the Air Force.

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