They denounce that Minister Betssy Chávez would have plagiarized her thesis to obtain her law degree

General Director of Labor resigns due to strike at airports

The pita breaks on the weaker side. Ernesto Aguinaga Meza presented his letter of resignation as General Director of Labor to the Minister after the tremendous chaos generated by the strike of workers of the Unified Union of Air Traffic Controllers of Peru (Sucta) of Corpac.

In the document, which is dated April 18, Aguinaga Meza maintains that his departure is due to the questioning he received from different sectors of the Executive Branch itself and which were deepened by criticism of the decision of the Ministry of Labor and Promotion. of Employment (MTPE) to declare legal the Sucta strike that affected thousands of national and international passengers in the middle of Holy Week.

Since the necessary conditions no longer exist to continue doing the work I have been doing (in defense of the primacy of labor human rights), I must resign from the position”, Aguinaga points out in the letter.

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Days ago, the head of the MTPE, excused that the disorder occurred on April 14 of the drivers’ strike, but not “legality” Of the same.

“At no time does the Ministry of Labor give them the go-ahead to leave thousands of Peruvians in the situation they left on Thursday. At no time was that authorized,” he told RPP. Although the strike was resolved hours later, it caused thousands of people to lose or suffer delays in their flights.

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From the Congress, the Popular Force bench today presented a motion of interpellation against composed of 17 questions related to the air traffic controllers’ strike. At her turn, the legislator Patricia Chirinos (Avanza País), indicated that she will also present an interpellation motion against the minister for the same reason, added to other questions such as the plagiarism of her thesis and

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