Bring back the teachers

Bring back the teachers

Many Paraguayans have chosen to go abroad and seek the possibility of improving themselves in various areas of knowledge. This has undoubtedly been very positive, at a time when we require prepared and trained people in various areas.

The unfortunate thing is that many of them have not had a plan for their return, they have not been received in academic centers to improve their research and teaching capacity. Public structures have not benefited either, more than five thousand teachers received scholarships in recent years and none of them held a prominent job in any institution or in any administrative structure where the results of the costly investment that sending people abroad can be seen. .

Many of the cases have also favored the children of people who could have covered the costs of training abroad but who nevertheless used public resources because they had better possibilities and opportunities to reach those places.

In short, our scholarship program -the most ambitious implemented in a long time- may end up wrecking the impractical results it has had so far.

What we need is to make a complete review of this program called Carlos Antonio López Scholarships and observe how the people we send back can be useful for purposes that the country urgently needs.

During his entire presidency, Carlos Antonio López sent five people to Europe to train, and most of them -in reality- were sent to carry out maintenance tasks on British ships bought from the artillerymen of that country. We must be more concrete, more practical and more efficient in all fields, and more so in matters where we use the knowledge, wisdom, ability and above all the resources of these poor people.

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