García rejected expressions of Argentine unionist because in Uruguay presidents are not thrown

García rejected expressions of Argentine unionist because in Uruguay presidents are not thrown


Last Friday, Díaz expressed in the PIT-CNT Congress that “the Argentine union movement, organized workers are available to carry out the campaign for ‘Yes’ in Argentina, to repeal 135 articles of the LUC, and organize the thousands and thousands of Uruguayans to come and vote the day the referendum is held and kick Lacalle Pou out ”.

This Saturday, at the National Party Youth Congress, Javier García questioned such expressions by Díaz. “With the respect that the union movement deserves, which has a rich and long history in Uruguay, yesterday an Argentine unionist went to the PIT-CNT Congress and said that he would contribute to organizing the campaign for ‘Yes’ in Argentina, to gather votes for ‘Yes’, in order to oust President Lacalle Pou ”.

“In Uruguay, presidents are elected by popular vote, and when they leave, they give the presidential sash in peace and democratically to the president who is going to enter, whatever party it is, that is the essence of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. ”, Remarked the Secretary of State.

Settle differences at the polls

García pointed out that “everyone is free to do whatever they want, but it does not honor any Uruguayan organization, and even less to an organization with the trajectory and rich history of the PIT-CNT, as they said in the chronicles today, having applauded whoever said such an outrage ”.

“Our tradition, which we take care of like treasure, is to settle differences at the polls. Here presidents are not thrown out, here it is politically debated, it is discussed in Parliament and every five years, with the Constitution under the arm, a president is voted and the president who leaves grants the band to another president in peace and democracy . No political leader has to do anything, or any trade union leader from another country to get involved in the affairs of the Uruguayans and the Orientals, ”he declared.

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