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Galeano and Romero give victory to Cerro Porteño

General Díaz got his first win in the 2022 First Division B tournament. He beat Silvio Pettirossi 1-0 and recovered from the loss on the previous date against Deportivo Recoleta.

The ‘aviator’ team today measured their peers from the Republican neighborhood at the Adrián Jara stadium for the second date of the contest.

Diego Doldán, from a penalty, scored the only goal of the match in favor of the Luqueño team in the 51st minute.

In this way, General Díaz, who suffered two consecutive declines and will fight this year in the Third Category, raised his head after the defeat suffered (3-2) against Recoleta on the opening day.

At the same time, but at the Erico Galeano Segovia stadium in the city of Capiatá, Deportivo Capiatá and Valle Pucú’s 24 de Septiembre tied 1-1 with goals from Jean Mora (24S) and Cristian Martínez (DC).

The grid continues tomorrow with two games and closes on Sunday with four more.


-Friday, April 1

*General Diaz 1-0 Silvio Pettirossi

*Deportivo Capiatá 1-1 September 24 VP

-Saturday April 2

*President Hayes vs. Sports Recoleta

Stadium: Fortín de Tacumbú.

Hours: 3:15 p.m.

Referee: Jose Cuenca.

Assistants: Lorenzo Giménez and Digno Salinas

*Sportivo Limpeno vs. Fulgencio Yegros (Ñ)

Stadium: Optaciano Gomez.

Hours: 3:15 p.m.

Referee: Juan Franco.

Assistants: Jorge Martínez and Jorge Espinoza.

-Sunday, April 3

*Olympia of Ita vs. February 3 RB

Stadium: Presbítero Manuel Gamarra.

Hours: 3:15 p.m.

Referee: Arthur Afara.

Assistants: Jeremías Cohene and Juan Bogado.

Fourth referee: Marchelo Domínguez.

*General Knight ZC vs. Christopher Columbus (Ñ)

Stadium: Hugo Bogado Vaceque.

Hours: 15:15

Referee: Luis Trinidad.

Assistants: Juan García and José Ocampo.

*November 3 vs. Atletico Tembetary

Stadium: Ruben Ramirez.

Hours: 15:15

Referee: Augusto Alvarenga.

Assistants: Juan Figueredo and Ricardo Ortiz.

*September 29 vs. Christopher Columbus JAS

Stadium: Salustiano Zaracho.

Hours: 3:15 p.m.

Referee: Julio Ojeda.

Assistants: César Caballero and Pedro Espínola.

Fourth referee: Alcides Gray.


September 24 VP 4, February 3 RB 3, Atlántida 3, Deportivo Recoleta 3, General Díaz 3, Cristóbal Colón (Ñ) 3, September 29 3, Deportivo Capiatá 2, Sportivo Limpeño 1, Silvio Pettirossi 3, Atlético Tembetary 1 , November 3 0, November 3 0, Fulgencio Yegros (Ñ) 0, Presidente Hayes 0, Olimpia de Itá 0, General Caballero ZC 0, Cristóbal Colón JAS 0.

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