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From tomorrow all students will return to face-to-face classes

The new Archbishop of Asunción, Msgr. Adalberto Martínez, maintained that organized crime has permeated and corrupted a large part of the social, political, economic and even religious fabric, while expressing concern about the climate of political and social instability that is looming about our country.

Monsignor Adalberto Martínez took office this Sunday as the new Archbishop of Asunción at a mass celebrated this morning at the Metropolitan Cathedral.

In his inaugural message, he highlighted the important mission that has been entrusted to him by Pope Francis through this new position and also pointed out that his desire is to “strengthen the sense of family” in the Archdiocese of Asunción.

In another order of things, he also reflected on the reality that the country is going through in various areas, especially in terms of security, and argued that Asunción “is the sounding board where all the life of the country echoes and is the place where the great and serious social, political and economic problems that the nation suffers are felt and visualized”.

“The mission that we assume today coincides, on the one hand, with a moment in which we see that organized crime has permeated and corrupted a large part of the social, political, economic and even religious fabric of our country. On the other hand, black clouds of political and social instability are looming on the horizon as a result of structural inequity and the serious deterioration of the living conditions of the most vulnerable sectors and of the middle class itself, ”says Martínez in the message of he.

The archbishop maintains that this is due, in part, to the lack of public policies for the common good, to corruption and impunity, and also to climatic factors that produced a prolonged drought and that it will have serious social and economic repercussions in the short and medium term.

In his opinion, if effective social protection programs are not adopted, the levels of extreme poverty will deepen and hunger may worsen, especially among the smallest in the countryside and in the city.

“Paraguay urgently needs signs of hope from those of us who have

responsibility to society. The Catholic Church cannot disappoint the great

trust that citizens place in it”, he expresses in his inaugural message.

Finally, Monsignor Adalberto Martínez states that “Paraguay needs us all” and that “no one should be excluded from the mission of recovering the social values ​​and virtues that will allow us to achieve the Dream Homeland.”

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