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From Putin to Marco Antonio Solís: the world says goodbye to Benedict XVI

From Putin to Marco Antonio Solís: the world says goodbye to Benedict XVI

Benedict, whose birth name was Joseph Ratzingerwas elected as pope April 19, 2005 to succeed the deceased John Paul II, and he left his post February 28, 2013place occupied by the Argentine Jorge bergogliowho chose the name Francisco.

The death of the emeritus pope generated reactions in various parts of the world, one of them in Russia: the president Vladimir Putin sent his condolences to the Vaticanand singled out Benedict as “a prominent religious and statesman, a staunch defender of traditional Christian values”as reported by Europa Press.

Mourning also reached Spain. The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayusorecalled the Pope’s “multitudinous” visit to the Spanish capital in 2011 for World Youth Day, and highlighted Ratzinger as “a historical figure for the church” who “was always a friend of Spain”“It is a day of mourning for believers and respect for non-Catholics,” Díaz added in a video posted on the official Twitter of the Madrid Community.

The Spanish deputy and president of the ultra-right party VOX, Santiago Abascalstressed that Benedict invited people to be “creative minorities that leaven society with Good, Truth and Beauty”. “We will never forget your love for Spain and your constant call for our unity. Rest in peace”he wrote on his Twitter.

Two former Latin American presidents also expressed their condolences. The former Colombian president ivan duke assured that with the death of the emeritus pope “one of the most important theologians of humanity and one of the most rigorous doctrinaires of the Catholic Church says goodbye”.

For his part, former Mexican President Felipe Calderon defined Benedict as a “wise pope: teacher of Church Doctrine; brave”what “faced interests and prejudices to prosecute sexual abuse cases.”

There were also repercussions in the world of music: the Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solis invited his Twitter followers to “Make a prayer to ask for the eternal rest of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI”.

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