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From $213 thousand to $400 thousand: the highest managers’ salaries in Uruguay


According to Advice’s remuneration survey, the sectors with the best salaries and benefits are associated with information technology, engineering, logistics, supply and pharmaceuticals. This is explained by the high demand for executive profiles that these sectors are requesting, as explained to El Observador by the managing director of the consulting firm Advice, Maximiliano Martucci. “For example, the case of engineering is closely aligned with the projects that are currently operational in Uruguay,” he pointed out.

In salaries, this translates to IT management salaries of $253k, surpassed by the IT development manager who earns $301k.

In the engineering category, the highest salaries are project manager ($213,520) and civil engineering manager who earns $254,000 a month.

In the logistics and supply sectors, the highest salaries are for supply managers ($235 thousand) and Purchasing managers with a nominal salary of $285 thousand.

Finally, in pharmaceutical, the highest salaries are in the hands of the technical director with $260 thousand and the plant manager who receives the highest salary of all activities with $304 thousand.

For her part, the managing partner of RSM Uruguay, Gabriela Montaldo, adds other sectors of activity such as finance —which includes banks and investment advisors— as well as foreign trade and laboratories.

When asked what their salaries are, Montaldo listed that the Foreign Trade manager receives $190,000, the Administration and Finance manager receives $220,000, the Marketing manager $230,000, the Salesperson $240,000, and the Systems manager $240,000. 250 thousand.

In this sense, Montaldo pointed out that these are estimated values ​​and “in the case of multinationals it can vary by 20% and 30% more,” he added.

The director of RSM pointed out that “the remuneration will depend on whether it is a multinational or a local company and is around $250,000 and $300,000 corresponding to the Systems Manager position.

in the internal

The leaders of each area of ​​the company receive different salaries depending on the sector in which they work.

Those who receive better remuneration are: IT Management, Administration and Finance Management, Commercial Management, Operations Management and General Management.

Among them, the position that is best paid, according to Advice, is that of the General Manager, whose salary range begins at $400,000 nominalyes The next best-paid management areas are Commercial and Administration and Finance.

It should be noted that these values ​​correspond to base and nominal salaries, they do not include the components associated with benefits (such as bonuses, variables and others).

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