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French National Assembly props up abortion rights proposal


The National Assembly of France (lower house) ruled today by a large majority for the constitutionalization of the right to abortionaccording to a French media report.

The initiative, from the left of La Francia Insumisa (LFI), initially which was later agreed upon with the Renaissance (liberal) party of French President Emmanuel Macron, was voted for by 337 deputies, compared to 32 against.

He had the support of all progressive forces, deputies from Macron’s party and his allies, as well as a large part of the conservatives.

For it to become part of the Constitution, the road is still difficult, consider some analysts. The Senate must adopt it in the same terms in which it was approved in the Lower House and then Congress will have to endorse it with a three-fifths majority.

There is also the possibility of speeding up the process through a bill presented by the Government. The Assembly debated several proposals on Thursday, such as the increase in the minimum wage.

Abortion has been decriminalized in France since the Veil Law, approved in 1975, but French deputies want to include it in the Constitution, given what is happening on other horizons of the world.

Efe/RFI/France Presse/OnCuba.

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