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#FreeZone | Hugs and bullets: failure

It’s sad, but the condition our country is in is despicable security-wise. All of Mexico has become a cemetery and this is impossible to deny; impossible to defend even by the most recalcitrant supporters of President López Obrador.

In three and a half years, more than 120,500 people have lost their lives due to murder.

Of the 100,000 disappeared, no clue is found and the federal government whips up the state governments as an excuse. The so-called 4T is darkening, the shadow falls on the government that he promised; that ensured the pacification of the country and sees how it has become a fire that has paralyzed society, with absolute fear.

The sad story of “hugs and not bullets” that the president told us has been reduced to “hugs and bullets.” Hugs to the criminal groups, whom the executive has asked to guarantee their safety. verbatim sentenced : “…we take care of the members of the gangs, they are human beings. This is a different policy, completely different…”

AMLO’s way of thinking could fall into absolute disappointment for the position he holds. However, it is impressive that those who defend it consider phrases full of strangeness, surprising and even unusual to be golden.

Holding firm to a clearly failed strategy makes the president fall into outbursts; his anger is more evident every day in his press conferences, he returns to insults, to words that he had regretted in the past. He returns the “Fuck it!” to his speech, reminding us of those reactions of a busy and stressed López Obrador.

Mexicans are not blind and the surveys indicate it. Public opinion has rejected the issue of security in all of them, falling between 63% and 67% of citizens who consider that the government has failed on the issue.

The entire country has learned to live with violence, but when the bullets are closer to the citizen every day, it is when they contemplate the true reality: we can never get used to living in fear.

The president continues to justify the lack of moral values ​​as the main ingredient in the minds of the murderers. Reason is not lacking. But the failed social programs that he promised would work to stop the hit men have shown that the strategy was dead from the start.

This indicates that from the inside, in his most compact team, he was deceived and now he will have to show his face, not only every morning at his press conferences, but also before history. He will be the precedent of a government that never knew how to deal with the monster of the cartels; that it did not pacify, but rather militarized the country more; that instead of taking over the country, he handed it over.

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