Fourth Estate: Freed journalists go to Bambamarca and are "in good health" (VIDEO)

Fourth Estate: Freed journalists go to Bambamarca and are “in good health” (VIDEO)

Edward Quispeprogram journalist Fourth power, provided a LIVE statement, this Wednesday, July 6, in the middle of his stay in Chadín (Cajamarca) after being intervened by peasant rounds. The journalistic team investigated the president’s sister-in-law and adoptive daughter peter castle.

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América Televisión interrupted its usual programming, at averaging a quarter past eight at night, to broadcast the announcement of the press men. In the audio, the aforementioned journalist is heard assuring that they were “intervened” by the groups of that district.

CORREO was able to learn that the journalists had already been released by their captors, the subjects conditioned their release in exchange for the LIVE statement of the aforementioned reporter.

UPDATE (10:16 p.m.)

According to the Ombudsman’s Office, the entity was able to contact journalists Eduardo Quispe and Elmer Valdiviezo, who stated that they were “in good health, traveling to Bambamarca.”

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“Our staff maintains frequent contact with them. It has been coordinated with @PoliciaPeru to provide them with security on the route”, they communicated through their official channels.

“We demand that events that occurred be investigated in depth. The state must guarantee freedom of the press by protecting journalists,” the institution stressed.

According to journalist Jaime Chincha, América Televisión was able to contact Eduardo Quispe after being released along with his colleagues. The press man confirmed that he had to make said statement LIVE in exchange for his freedom and that of his journalistic team.



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