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Luis Abinader promotes industrial MSMEs

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Luis Abinader promotes industrial MSMEs

President Luis Abinader implemented decree 31-22 this Wednesday that will allow micro, small and medium-sized industries (industrial MSMEs) to have priority in the purchasing and contracting processes of 18 public institutions of a social nature.

This policy will greatly contribute to achieving inclusive and sustainable industrial development in the country, and represents a transcendental milestone for the development of the sector and the growth of its productivity and competitiveness.

With this initiative, the Government will promote the acquisition of goods and services produced by Dominican hands, a measure that will strengthen the national productive fabric and stimulate the generation of quality jobs.

Speaking during the event held in the Verdel Hall of the National Palace, the head of state said he was convinced that MSME industries have the necessary quality to meet the demand for goods from institutions.

We are facing a big change

“Undoubtedly, we are facing a great change, which implies a profound democratization of opportunities and a revaluation of the concept “Made in the Dominican Republic”, which will bring well-being to all Dominicans,” declared the president.

He also stated that he believes that public purchases can be used as a tool for the development of the productive sectors “and this policy has a very noble and necessary background.”

“For the Dominican government there is no more comforting achievement than ensuring that Dominicans can improve their living conditions and well-being,” said President Abinader.

On his side, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs, Ito Bisonó said that the Government of President Abinader assumed the commitment to support industrial MSMEs, which has been a sector that for two decades had been forgotten and excluded from the processes of government procurement and contracting.

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