Four ways for Ecuadorians brought from Ukraine to study

The Senecyt presented its plan for insertion into higher education. But there are those who study careers that do not exist in Ecuador.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has stalled the study plans of more than 700 Ecuadorians that followed careers university in Ukraine.

In the first two humanitarian flights, 456 Ecuadorians arrived and in a third flight, which will arrive in the next few days, at least 209 more will come.

return to university

On the morning of this March 9, 2022, the Secretary of Higher Education (Senecyt) held a forum with students and parents, where it was explained how they could be reinserted into higher education in the country Ecuadorians who were studying careersespecially technical and medical.

The mechanism of action is divided into four axes: title registration in Ecuador; 12-month training program in medicine and health sciences; students who have completed at least a first semester, and students who were in the first level and have not finished it.

For this; the Senescyt has enabled a link so that each case is registered and can be treated in order to find a university to apply to the career that followed or a similar one.

Until March 18, students must enter:

Once each case has been registered, specific meetings will be held on March 23.

However, for students who have not completed a first semester in Ukrainethey must take the ‘Transform’ University entrance exam that will be applied in May.

If the students They have already taken that test and have some penalty, it will be eliminated.

Careers that do not exist in Ecuador

During the forum, at least three students They detailed that they migrated to Ukraine to study aviation. There’s even a student that he was a month away from graduating in aircraft, engine, and rocket design; careers that do not exist in Ecuador.

For these cases, the Senescyt He said he had short-term and long-term options. In less time, the students they could access a technology at a university in Guayaquil, related to aviation. While for those who are in the last levels, a scholarship could be arranged at a university abroad. Regarding this second option, the time was not specified. (AVV)

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