Former Undersecretary Martorell responds to the criticism on security that the Government has received: “Everything that has been done will be seen in 10 more years”

Former Undersecretary Martorell responds to the criticism on security that the Government has received: "Everything that has been done will be seen in 10 more years"

The recent wave of insecurity that is felt in the country due to the constant police notes on kidnapping, robberies, slams of doors, aggression against police officers, among others; has generated constant criticism of the current government for the security measures it has implemented.

The former Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, Katherine Martorell, referred to the issue: “From the perspective of the number of crimes that occur, they are minor. The problem is the form of the crimes, the seriousnessUnfortunately, we have seen kidnappings. I think that what happened in Iquique is something that one cannot but look at carefully, “he indicated on the program Nice to meet you.

“When we allow ourselves to run the fence, we begin to normalize certain things that we cannot afford to normalize. For example, I liked the reaction of the citizens in Iquique after the attack on the Carabineros,” he added.

Opinion on emblematic cases

The former undersecretary also pointed out that she had a meeting with the mother of little Tamara Moya, Camila Almonacid, who was killed in a trap in the Huechuraba commune.

“A bill was made that had cross-sectional approval from the left and right, and Camila told me ‘I don’t know what to do because he is absolutely paralyzed.’ That and what does it do? Generate criminal protection for minors, older adults and for people who have some type of disability, “he said.

He also had words about the aggression suffered by police officers in Iquique, questioning the uniformed officer for not using his service weapon when receiving the blow.

“That is where I think we have closed the fence and we have tolerated, because we know that they will finally end up being prosecuted, discharged, suspended, they will attack their family, which was what happened a year ago with the issue of juggler (Panguipulli case),” he said.

“We are not talking about killing, but we are talking about being able to stop this person and use force to be able to do it and for that he has a service weapon,” he added.

Work of the current Government

Finally, he had words to point out his work within the current administration and the situation in the country.

“I don’t think it is worse, but rather that we are experiencing a situation not only in Chile. A great job was done here to generate coordination with the institutions. (…) It is important that as a State we are able to invest in prevention and These decisions are long-term, so they are not “sexy” for any government in power. Everything that has been done in this government will really be seen in 10 more years,” he said.


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