Former DF secretary says Army suspended camp dismantling

Former DF secretary says Army suspended camp dismantling

The former Public Security Secretary of the Federal District, Júlio Danilo Ferreira, said this Thursday (24th) that the Army did not authorize the dismantling of the camp set up in front of the Headquarters.Former DF secretary says Army suspended camp dismantlingFormer DF secretary says Army suspended camp dismantling

In testimony to the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into Anti-Democratic Acts, in the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District, the delegate stated that the operation, with the participation of DF police officers, was scheduled for December 29, 2022, but was cancelled. According to him, the military would carry out the withdrawal on their own.

“They asked us not to use this structure to really be able to take it, and that from there, the Army itself, because it is in the military area, by its own means – and then already making the adjustment with that public that was there -, would provide the dismantling of the camp. We had to retreat. Once again, I told you, any type of action within that military area, as it was a military area, we had to always act in coordination with them”, he said.

The former secretary reported having participated in several meetings with the Planalto Military Command for the demobilization of the camp and the actions were suspended. At the request of the military, the Government of the Federal District provided support in organizing traffic, cleaning, firefighters and security around the site.

A Brazil Agency contacted the Army about Júlio Danilo’s statements and is awaiting a response.

Last week, also in testimony to the CPI, Colonel Jorge Eduardo Naime, former Commander of Operations of the Military Police of the Federal District, said that the Army made it difficult to arrest coup plotters involved in attacks to the headquarters of the Three Powers, on the day January 8th.Former DF secretary says Army suspended camp dismantlingFormer DF secretary says Army suspended camp dismantling

December 12th

Regarding the attempt to invade the Federal Police building, on January 12, Ferreira stated that most of the vandals were from outside Brasília and were sheltering in the camp.

Questioned about the fact that there were no arrests that day, the former secretary replied that “the first mission was to restore public order” and “disperse” the vandals.

Júlio Danilo was in charge of the Public Security Secretariat of the DF until President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva took office, on January 1st. He was replaced by Anderson Torres, former Minister of Justice in the government of Jair Bolsonaro.


The CPI approved an invitation to hear General Gustavo Henrique Dutra de Menezes, former head of the Planalto Military Command, about the anti-democratic acts of January 8. Another application for an approved invitation is for the hearing of the current chief minister of the Institutional Security Office of the Presidency of the Republic (GSI), Marco Edson Gonçalves Dias. Generals can decline invitations.

* With information from Gabriel Brum, Rádio Nacional de Brasília, and the CLDF News Agency

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