FA points out that Cosse's impeachment is a "legal nonsense" that "degrades" to democracy

FA points out that Cosse’s impeachment is a "legal nonsense" that "degrades" to democracy

He Executive Secretariat of the Broad Front (FA) condemned that the government coalition has processed in the Chamber of Senators the request for political trial of the mayor of Montevideo Carolina Cosse that promoted the ediles. For the political force, this procedure should have been archived.

“The objective of dismissing the highest authority of the department of Montevideo with a pretext that is not true, it is one more instance in the attacks that the comrade Carolina Cosse has received from the parties that make up the conservative coalition of the national government,” says the statement approved by the Executive Secretariat.

And he adds that it is a “legal nonsense” that “openly shows the institutional irresponsibility of the coalition,” which they accused of taking “another step that degrades the quality” of “democracy.”

This week the Senate Constitution and Codes Committee approved with official votes to process the request for impeachment promoted by the councilors of the coalition –opposition at the Montevideo level– in the Departmental Board.

Although the impeachment process began, the ruling party does not have the necessary votes for the measure to prosper, since it needs 21 votes out of 30 to remove Cosse from office. The ruling party has a total of 17 senators.

The president of the Senate commission, the nationalist Grace Bianchi, said that with this determination “they are not issuing on the merits of the matter, but it was necessary to give it a view. Now the accusation of the Board is sent to him and (Cosse) has ten days to answerBianchi explained.

Why do the mayors of Montevideo call for impeachment?

The opposition councilors in Montevideo promoted the political trial against Mayor Cosseafter the hierarch did not appear at a call to the room by the Departmental Board last year. The councilors considered that his absence “violates the constitutional mandate.”

The aediles are based on the article 285 of the Constitution which says that “the Board has power by resolution of a third of its members, of Have the Mayor come to your room to request and receive the reports that it deems appropriate, either for legislative or control purposes”.

Cosse pointed out that the opposition accusations that he did not respond to requests for reports that were presented to him They are not true and that the only explanation for having generated this fact is that they want to “distract and confuse the public.”

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