Efforts to eliminate the US visa for Colombians advance

US Visa: measures to be taken to reduce waiting time

US Visa: measures to be taken to reduce waiting time

The Embassy of the United States announced that it will implement new measures with the aim of expediting the process of the American visa and helping in the management of the document.

(US Embassy makes recommendation for visa application).

“Consular professionals from around the world have come to our consular section to help process visa applications. Our priority is to reduce waiting times”, informed the Embassy through a video published on its social networks

These professionals will help process visas and provide a better service given the delays that have occurred in some applications.

Ambassador Luis Gilberto Murillo, recently in an interview with EL TIEMPO, He told some details of how the process is progressing; In addition, he shared two new ideas that are being considered to present to the North American country.

Although in the Government they have reiterated that this is a process that can take years, they have already taken steps to try to expedite it. This March 8, for example, the first technical meeting in this regard was held.

(American visa: these are the new changes in the process).

The meeting was attended by the Vice Chancellor, Francisco Coy; Ambassador Murillo; the director of Colombian Migration, Carlos Fernando García and representatives of the National Police, the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, the Civil Aeronautics and different dependencies of the Foreign Ministry.

As reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the meeting reviewed the admission program requirements, according to the five pillars established by the United States Government: counterterrorism, law enforcement, traveler detection, immigration law enforcement and travel/identity documents.


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