Foreign Ministers of Russia and Venezuela will review bilateral agenda

Foreign Ministers of Russia and Venezuela will review bilateral agenda

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Carlos Faría will meet in Moscow with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, to review the bilateral cooperation agenda and discuss the international situation, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“The heads of Russian and Venezuelan diplomacy will discuss current issues on the bilateral agenda, prospects for deepening mutually beneficial cooperation in a wide range of areas, as well as steps to strengthen coordination on foreign policy, particularly in various international platforms such as the Group of Friends in Defense of the UN Charter”, refers part of the text posted on Telegram.

In addition, the meeting, scheduled for Monday, July 4, will be conducive to discussing “the situation in Venezuela and its surroundings.”

“Russia will continue to support the Venezuelan government and people by all means in defending national sovereignty and the right to determine the paths of development on their own,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

On May 17, Faría and Lavrov held a phone contact in which they expressed their willingness to intensify bilateral cooperation. On that occasion they also ratified the mutual position of building “a fairer world order and guaranteeing international peace and security.”

Caracas and Moscow share a high-level Intergovernmental Commission in which alliances have been signed in multiple areas such as health, economy, culture, oil, mining, tourism, among others.

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