For “Bachi” during the Abdo government organized crime grew

Basilio “Bachi” Núñez, national deputy for the ANR (Chartism), questioned that Mario Abdo Benítez, President of the Republic and his cabinet entourage, is focused on proselytizing campaigns. He announced that during the current government, he increased organized crime.

“The brother of the candidate’s vice president is missing. The entire cabinet is practically running. They are using resources from the ministries for their campaigns. He belongs to a sector of the Colorado party”, he pointed out.

He argued at another time that in this government the rates of organized crime grew.

“In this government, organized crime grew because institutions are weakened. Who is the river police? It is the Navy that is in charge of the brother of the vice president. There is contraband because it is not reported or there is an complicit silence”, he questioned.

Finally, he maintained that the Seprelad documents were deliberately manipulated to be delivered to the press.

“There is a fear that Cartes will be president of the party. And not to mention the candidacies of Santiago Peña and Pedro Alliana”, he concluded.

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