Sanitary measures are redoubled on the Panama-Costa Rica border in the face of the first case of monkeypox in that country

Given the detection of the first confirmed case of monkeypox in the neighboring Republic of Costa Rica, authorities of the Ministry of Health (MINSA) of the province of Bocas del Toro, increase surveillance in the border cord between Panama and Costa Rica according to statements of Vitelio Carrera, General Director of Health.

“With the detection of a case in Costa Rica, logically, not only Bocas del Toro, but all of Panama has to take important biosecurity measures, since this is a very contagious disease, therefore it is important to maintain self-care measures. . Avoid contact with unknown people and wear the mask. As a responsible institution we have taken a more radical action regarding what is training and guidance on the care that must be taken ”he asserted.

Likewise, it reminds the population to maintain a responsible posture and informs that the MINSA is carrying out operations to enforce the regulations.

The first case detected in the sister country of Costa Rica was in a 21-year-old girl from Norway.

Writing by Nancy Pretto

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