Follow these content strategies to make your business successful on social media

Follow these content strategies to make your business successful on social media

Because more and more users are active in the , business models aim to enhance their brands with good digital strategies to attract more public. This was stated by Erika Tipe, professor of Continuing Education and Postgraduate Studies at the University of Sciences and Arts of Latin America (UCAL).

According to the latest Digital Report 2022, carried out by the international agencies We Are Social and Kepios, more than 28 million Peruvians (83.8% of the population) are active users of social networks.

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In this sense, the expert recommended that marketers, communicators, advertisers, branding managers or entrepreneurs, take training in courses related to Digital Marketing and Online Content Strategy, since digital transformation has changed consumption habits and it is increasingly difficult to capture their attention, find creative ways to engage with them and generate sales.

The first thing we must do, before developing a content strategy, is a segmentation of audiences by interests or purchase intention. Second, define our value proposition and, finally, identify which social networks are used the most”, Tipe explained.

As an example, he stated that the Digital News Report 2022 study, developed by Reuters, revealed that out of every 10 Peruvians, 8 use Facebook; 5Instagram; and 4, TikTok.

Regardless of the social network that the target audience prefers, the UCAL specialist suggested making the most of the advantages offered by each of them. That is why she highlighted what are the most effective types of content today:


One of the best ways to attract the public’s attention to your brand is by telling stories that humanize it. “You can do it through articles on your blog or website, a photo, story times of yours or your clients, but above all with short videos of 30 seconds maximum, since the reproduction of videos constitutes 82% of all web traffic. consumers this 2022“, accurate.


Interacting with the public is an excellent resource to improve the relationship they have with the brand. Therefore, nothing better than a live broadcast. The advantage is that you can invite specialists or brand ambassadors to answer queries in real time. However, you must know the behavior of your audience well to know the most appropriate day and time to do a live.

Questions and answers

Another alternative to interact with people, and that works very well, are the tools offered by social networks to carry out surveys, voting, questions and answers, etc. Your audience will always be grateful for the opportunity to have their voice heard and their opinion or queries taken into account.

Informative and useful articles

Despite the great consumption of video content, informative notes and useful articles continue to be highly effective. First, they help you rank in search engines to convert sales. Second, because they generate credibility and trust towards your brand and, third, they provide a greater amount of information to the public about your product or service.

downloadable content

Inbound marketing is still perfect for generating leads. This strategy consists of generating valuable content for the public, in whatever format, so that they leave their personal data in exchange for downloading a template, stickers, an image, a digital tool, an e-book, etc. This database will allow you to directly target the public that is interested in your products or services.

Finally, the UCAL specialist warned that the content strategy depends a lot on the objectives of each brand and the nature of each social network.

Therefore, to learn more about this exciting world, he recommends the diploma in offered by UCAL and starts on August 25.


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