Benfica conquers the first Sub 20 Intercontinental Championship in the Centenary

In a match that left much to be desired, and that got confused towards the end, Cerro Porteño and Guaraní tied 1-1 to the delight of Olimpia and Libertad, the new leaders of the Championship.

La Nueva Olla welcomed Cerro Porteño and Guaraní today for date 7 of the Clausura 2022 tournament.

The game got weird in the preview with the surprising injury to the right backs of both teams, Beto Espínola (Carlos Rolón) and Ariel Benítez (Gustavo Vargas), in the warm-up.

The first few bars presented a tense, uncomfortable atmosphere with a predictable effect on the players, who did not offer eye-opening football.

The highlight of the Cyclone went through the boots of Enzo Giménez, who made the right side of the attack move. The Legendario’s proposal was based more on the inspiration of Luis Fariña and the occasional outburst of the fast youthful Matías Segovia.

The complicated procedure did its thing and in the first stage there was only one goal disallowed by Brian Samudio (27′) due to offside (after a VAR review).

Francisco ‘Chiqui’ Arce threw all the meat on the grill in the complementary round and sent in Claudio Aquino (Fernando Ovelar), Antonio Galeano (Enzo Giménez) and Alan Rodríguez (Gabriel Báez).

The change of Giménez, until then the clearest part of the Barça attack, did not go down well with the fans, who began to chant loudly from the stands against the figure of the coach.

Arce continued with the formulas despite the claims and burned a fourth change with Alfio Oviedo (Marcelo Moreno Martins), but Fernando Jubero still kept his same 11 (70′).

We had to wait until 73′ to experience the supreme emotion of football, thanks to Antonio Galeano, who was nourished by a surgical pass from Aquino, in a play fully validated by the VAR.

Cerrista’s goal forced Jubero to make his first variation (Romeo Benítez by Matías Segovia at 75′) and advance his lines in order to find the parity goal.

It seemed that the set was going with a local victory, but an action by Carlos Rolón on Diego Valdéz ended in a VAR review and a penalty. The execution was entrusted to Néstor Camacho, who sent it to save for 1-1 (88′).

Guaraní finished with 10 due to the expulsion of Jorge González (90′).

There was no time for more (it was played until 100′). Distribute points and leadership for Libertad and Olimpia (both with 15 integers). Cerro Porteño culminates the grid with 14 and is on the verge of a real crisis. Guaraní, far away and with Jubero in limbo, in 10th place with 6.

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