Fire extinguished in warehouse of the Ministry of Popular Power for Health in Caracas

Although the country’s authorities have not given details, some national media report that at least 50 officials are deployed to attend to the fire.

Internet users, through the Twitter account, reported that from various points in the west of the capital, it was observed the great column of smoke that has risen.

On the other hand, it was learned that more than 50 officials from the National Risk Management System were in charge of controlling and preventing the spread of tires, as stated by the Vice Minister of Risk Management and Civil Protection, M/G Carlos Pérez Ampueda. .

For her part, the Minister of Popular Power for Health and president of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS), Magaly Gutiérrez, explained that the A warehouse that caught fire in Carapa, Antímano, had supplies for hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis programs stored.

“The warehouse distributed supplies daily to serve more than 7,000 patients throughout the national territory,” he said on his Twitter social network account, @MagaGutierrezV.


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