He is 19 years old and overcame countless adversities to practice sports journalism

He is 19 years old and overcame countless adversities to practice sports journalism

Alexis with all the joy of doing what he likes most: informing (Photo: Víctor Carreira).

Operating rooms, operations, doctors, various diagnoses, anesthesia, medications, pain, treatments, therapies, rehabilitation… Alexis Dassie had to go through and overcome all this and much more in his life to be where he is and achieve what he achieved. He is 19 years old, he is making his first weapons in sports journalism and he allows himself to dream big about his career.

Alexis was born with Periventricular leukomalacia, which is the dilation of one of the ventricles of the brain. This generated a quadriparesis, which is the weakness of all the extremities of the body, which also presents him with heart, breathing and speech difficulties.. After several surgeries, more than a year ago he faced the most delicate and the most important: the reconstruction of both feet, for which 75 implant elements were used. They did a tenoplasty that helped improve his posture, now he stands up straighter and doesn’t suffer as much from being stooped. Thanks to this, he can now walk and take a few steps with canes, although he uses a wheelchair on long journeys. Despite everything that happened to him, there were no impediments to doing what he likes the most: being a sports journalist and covering Boca’s alternatives.

Alexis in La Bombonera Journalism is my cable to express land
Alexis in La Bombonera. “Journalism is my ground wire,” she says.

“It all started a few years ago, at a difficult time in my life due to foot operations. When I was resting, I did a sports journalism workshop in Boca, as a hobby, and I ended up liking it so much that I discovered my calling. Journalism was a healing for me“, narrates before Télam, in La Bombonera, the young man who lives in the Buenos Aires town of Villa Luzuriaga, La Matanza district.

Alexis works in the support programs of Boca Net (which is broadcast via stream), Talks with Pasión Xeneize (Cadena Xeneize) and Boca es Boca (Channel A24). Although he acts as a producer, he can also cover training sessions, conduct interviews or attend press conferences. In fact, he was at the presentation of the last two Boca reinforcements (Facundo Roncaglia and Sergio Romero) and took the opportunity to ask them some questions.

He completed the school year and is currently studying the Comprehensive Sports Journalism Technician at the University of La Matanza, to further train himself.

My dream was always to be a footballer and for reasons of life I didn’t get to be. But my mom (Alejandra) and my sister (Danila) made me understand that there are thousands of ways to get into the sport that I love and journalism was one of them“, says the young journalist, while adding that “they taught me that I have to fly low but with aspirations. I dream of being able to help my mother financially and continue growing in journalism, which is what I love. Where I have to be in this profession, I will be.”

With reduced mobility, he regularly undertakes the journey from Villa Luzuriaga where he lives to La Boca Vctor Carreira
With reduced mobility, he assiduously undertakes the journey from Villa Luzuriaga, where he lives, to La Boca (Víctor Carreira).

About the looks of the rest, before what for many can be a story of overcoming and example, Alexis completely dismisses that definition. “The word example is very self-centered. I did go through a difficult time and perhaps I contributed a grain of sand to society with my struggle. With effort and sacrifice, thanks to my family and the doctors, I was able to get ahead.”

The next goal: an interview with Riquelme

Alexis has already managed to take a photo with the current vice president of Boca. But now as a journalist he pursues the dream of interviewing her. “It would be the best,” she externalizes.

In addition, Alexis tells a curious thing: “Every time I come to the court I watch the game stopped because the movement of the ball gives me strength. When I see the ball run I feel like I have a special heartbeat. The transfer of the ball gives me a special energy, a vital force, interior… For me, a party, like journalism, is a ground wire.”

And he expresses that “although I work in Boca, I maintain neutrality, out of respect for the vocation. I want to be involved in the sports environment in general, meet Messi and cover the National Team,” the young man closes. For him (and paraphrasing Gustavo Cerati when he played with Luis Alberto Spinetta), if there is a dream come true, it is this one. Enjoy Alexis!

Alexis with his teacher Daniel Rodríguez who gave the journalism workshop in Boca that was a before and after for him
Alexis with his teacher Daniel Rodríguez, who gave the journalism workshop in Boca that was a before and after for him.

“He stood out for never giving up”

Daniel Rodríguez was the professor of the Sports Journalism Workshop of the Department of Culture of Boca, which Alexis marks as a hinge and the discovery of his passion. And before Télam, the teacher says that “Alexis from the first day, out of a hundred people, stood out for his desire to participate and his ability was clearly noted, especially for never giving up. In fact, he became the workshop’s star producer. All notes and guests went through his coordination. and with his tenacity and empathy became the ‘alma matter’ of my journalism classes.”

In turn, Rodríguez highlighted Alexis as a “main actor, so much so that if he hadn’t been there, the workshop wouldn’t have been as successful as it was. Then, with the passage of time, I was lucky enough to be his friend, as well as with his mother and her sister. Alexis, with her friendship, has made me a better person, “she closed.

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