Incendio afecta almacén en el sector San Carlos

Fire affects warehouse in the San Carlos sector

A fire affected this Wednesday a animal feed store, located on Libertador street San Carlos sectorSanto Domingo.

According to information obtained, The fire started around 4:35 a.m.and has only caused material damage.

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In the place, specifically behind the Club Sports and Cultural Saint Charlesthere are several members of the District Fire Department National, who They already have 70 percent of the loss under control.

“We have the fire at one point, where we are definitively controlling it, to then begin the investigation phase,” said the fire chief, José Luis Frometa Herasme.

He added that the first and second levels of the building were burned, and that «in a couple of hours» the work will be completed.

In addition, there is also the store owner, who declined to comment to the press. The causes of the fire are unknown.

Fire affects warehouse in the San Carlos sector

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