Adeom issued a resolution that prohibits workers from making stoppages without consulting the Executive Council

The leadership of the Association of Municipal Employees and Workers (Adeom) issued a resolution that prohibits workers from making strikes without consulting the Executive Council, now imposing that the cleaning sectors or shifts can stop unilaterally.

Asked if it had any connection with the decision of the Municipality of Montevideo regarding the resumption of cleaning in municipality B and that the CAP company will stop providing the service it provided by an agreement signed in 2003, Ripoll replied: ” No, this was before. We had not even had the scope with the mayor, we did not know about the decision that the administration ended up taking regarding the cleaning of the Center. It has to do with working better inside the union.”

“Any cleaning sector that paralyzes generates repercussions for the rest. As if to resume the organization that Adeom always had, this resolution was initially from 2018, that some conflict had been generated, and to order it was decided to work in this way. What we decided was to remind the cleaning workers so that it works well, “Adeom’s general secretary, Valeria Ripoll, told Telemundo.

The union asked the mayor for a bipartite meeting to learn about the commune’s plans, if they want the trust they established this year to continue or if they are going to municipalize the cleaning service in municipality B.

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