Find out who are the candidates for governor of Pernambuco

Find out who are the candidates for governor of Paraná

The Electoral Justice received at least 28,000 candidacy registrations for the October elections. The campaign it started on Tuesday (16).Find out who are the candidates for governor of Paraná

Twelve applications for the presidency and 12 for vice president were received; 223 for governor and vice-governor, 231 for senator, 10,238 for federal deputy, 16,161 for state deputy and 591 for district deputy.

In Paraná, nine candidates are running for the position.

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Adriano Teixeira (PCO): Born in Nova Olímpia (PR), the 35-year-old tinker is the candidate for governor for the PCO. In 2020, Teixeira was a candidate for councilor of Paranavaí. The electrical, electronics and telecommunications technician Cristiano Kusbick Poll, born in São Borja (RS), 42 years old, is the candidate for vice governor for the same party.

Carlos Massa Mouse Junior (PSD): Born in Jandaia do Sul (PR), Carlos Massa Ratinho Junior, 41, is a businessman, graduated in marketing and post-graduated in law. Current governor of Paraná, Ratinho Junior was state deputy and federal deputy for Paraná, state of which he was also Secretary of Urban Development. The current vice-governor, Darci Piana, 80, also from the PSD, is a candidate for vice.

Gomyde (PDT): born in Ibaiti (PR), Ricardo Crachineski Gomyde, 52 years old, lawyer, was a councilor of Curitiba, federal deputy and state secretary of Sport for the state of Paraná. In the federal government, he took over the National Football Secretariat at the Ministry of Sport and was manager of the 2014 Football World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. .

Joni Correia (DC): is a businessman, born in Cornélio Procópio (PR), he is 45 years old and was a candidate for state deputy in 2006 and an alternate for councilor of Curitiba in 2008. Also a businessman, the candidate for vice governor of the party is Gledson Zawadzki, 50 years old, from Curitiba (PR).

Professor Angela (PSOL): public school teacher, Angela Alves Machado, 45, was a candidate for councilor of Curitiba in 2016 and 2020, but was not elected. It is the first time she has run for state governor. The candidate for vice on the ticket is the lawyer Sergio Nakatani, 60 years old, from the same party.

Professor Ivan (PSTU): 52-year-old elementary school teacher is from Paranavaí (PR). He was a candidate for mayor of his hometown in 2004, 2012 and 2016. He was a candidate for senator in 2006, for vice-mayor of Paranavaí in 2008, for vice-governor of Paraná in 2010, for state deputy in 2014, but he was never elected . It is the second time he has tried to be elected governor. Journalist Phill Natal, 36, is running for vice president.

Requião (EN): Roberto Requião de Mello e Silva, 81 years old, was born in the capital of Paraná and was three times governor of Paraná, twice state senator, state deputy, and mayor of Curitiba. He holds a degree in law from the Federal University of Paraná and in journalism from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná. He also studied urbanism at Fundação Getúlio Vargas. The candidate for vice on the ticket is agronomist Jorge Miguel Samek, 67 years old.

Solange Ferreira Bueno (PMN): piano teacher, born in Maringá (PR), the PMN candidate is 55 years old and is running for the first time for a governorship. The party’s vice-governor candidate is lawyer Osni Minotto, a 52-year-old native of Verê (PR).

Vivi Mota (PCB): graduated in social sciences and psychology, she was a teacher at the state network of Paraná. A member of the Coletivo Feminista Classista Ana Montenegro, she is from Cuiabá (MT) and is 31 years old. Civil servant Diego Valdez, 34, born in Foz do Iguaçu (PR) is the party’s vice-governor candidate.

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