Álvaro Córdoba Case: Accusation links the FARC with sending cocaine to the US.

The statement of an infiltrated DEA agent was one of the key pieces of evidence taken into account by the Supreme Court of Justice to approve the extraction to the United States of Alvaro Córdoba, the brother of congresswoman Piedad Córdoba, who is wanted in that country for crimes related to drug trafficking.

The Court’s decision contains sections from the US indictment and from the Agent statement that talks about the supposed support of the FARC in sending several kilos of cocaine to the United States and the participation of two people whose names are not revealed, but are identified as CS-1 and CS-2.

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“CS-1 understood that the armed men from the FARC camp and other FARC resources would be used to provide armed security for the loads of cocaine that the FARC would supply them to CS-1 and CS-2 (…) CÓRDOBA RUIZ, PALACIO MENA and CS-1 planned to have more conversations about their agreement to participate in the drug transaction that consisted of several hundred kilograms of cocaine ultimately destined for the United States, which would be obtained from the FARC”, the document reads.

There is also talk of the supposed security that the guerrillas would provide to the person who was going to make cocaine shipments abroad.

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“During the meeting on or about December 17, 2021, in response to a question from CS-1 on security, CÓRDOBA RUIZ stated that, In the Farc camp, where the Farc commander was, there were at least 300 men armed to the teeth, even with weapons to shoot down objects (an apparent reference to surface-to-air missiles). CÓRDOBA RUIZ explained that the FARC camp was in Popayán, Colombia, and offered to arrange for CS-1 and CS-2 to travel there to meet with the commander to discuss quantity, prices, and logistics (… ) CS-1 understood that the armed men from the FARC camp and other FARC resources would be used to provide armed security for the cocaine shipments that the FARC would supply to CS-1 and CS-2”, reads the statement.

The Supreme Court of Justice endorsed Córdoba’s extradition for the crime of drug trafficking, but denied sending him for crimes related to armed trafficking, because apparently they occurred in Colombian territory.

At that pointthe Court ordered copies to the Prosecutor’s Office so that it initiates the pertinent investigations.

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