Fernando Silva on the decision of Judge Justiniano: "It delays the proceedings of the Prosecutor's Office"

Fernando Silva on the decision of Judge Justiniano: “It delays the proceedings of the Prosecutor’s Office”

For the criminal lawyer the recent decision of the judge hinders the work of the Prosecutor’s Office to reach the truth in the case of the arrest of the sister-in-law of , .

“Yes, he is delaying the proceedings of the Public Ministry, especially when the Chamber has told him that he is competent to make this type of decision. He is completely wrong and it is a sign that under these arguments this judge is going to hinder the activity of the Prosecutor’s Office (…) And the special team is working against time because the term of the preliminary detention of ten days (against Yenifer Paredes) and must support if he is going to make a request for preventive detention. If it were to do so, it requires important evidence about the disturbance of justice that would be demonstrated by obtaining the videos from the security cameras that this judge has denied “he indicated.

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Peru21 had already warned that Judge Raúl Justiniano previously refrained from ordering the arrest of the president’s sister-in-law. The alternatives that the Prosecutor’s Office will have to evaluate to obtain the videos from the security cameras are two:

“The room seeing the same argument that the judge has taken, the Superior Court could order the change of judge. And the other option that the Prosecutor’s Office has is to file a challenge against this judge, given that he has not followed a clear criterion that the Chamber had already established. I would understand that for the judge it would be a relief because his criterion is formed in that he cannot decide on an investigation where the president is with other people, a criterion that has been considerably exceeded. But watch out for the time that could elapse, the evidence could be altered”he warned.


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