Fedenaga and AsoBarinas demand the State combat invasions to guarantee production

Armando Chacín, on behalf of Fedenaga, proposed the creation of a victims’ committee to make the problem visible and seek to recover the sector

The National Federation of Ranchers (Fedenaga) and the Association of Rural Producers of the Barinas State (AsoBarinas) held a meeting with producers from the entity where they warned that “anarchy” continues to prevail in the countryside and insisted that the State must act firmly against illegal land invasions and occupations.

the president of fedenagaArmando Chacín, insisted on the rejection that the livestock union has to continue the fight for the land and demand that the State agencies that have some responsibility, that they focus on solving this problem because in his opinion, this affects the national production. .

For this reason, Chacín believes in the need to continue pressing until the State attends to this scourge and production in the country can be guaranteed.

He reiterated that producers in Barinas are victims of cattle theft (rustling) and land invasions, while warning that owners are subject to extortion by some public officials to take goods that do not belong to them.

He also lashed out at the contempt of the security forces in the evictions that result from decisions of courts of the Republic. “Peace without justice does not exist (…) How can we talk about peace, if there is no justice,” she reflected according to what was outlined in a press release.

Armando Chacín indicated that the Law for the Protection of Livestock Activity was presented to the National Assembly in order to reduce conflicts in the countryside, reiterating that what happens there cannot be classified as common crimes because “they are attacking the production of food and against a country that is quite beaten ». However, he said, they have not yet received an answer on the matter.

While they wait for the State to take some role in this issue, the president of Fedenaga proposed creating a victims’ committee in order to, in addition to collecting data from those affected, give shape and form to the recovery of the sector.

For his part, the president of AsoBarinas, José Labrador, stressed that they have been fighting since at least 2018 against the abuse of which the producing families of the countryside in that state are victims. He noted that since that year the Land Law has been used in a “fraudulent” way to appropriate production units.

“They entered a farm, attacked the producer, burned the farm, stole the animals, destroyed the operating machines and then denounced the land as idle,” he said.

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In that sense, he blamed presumed criminal groups that protect themselves under the name or figure of peasant organizations, warning that in the entity only about 8,000 hectares of corn have been planted; which represents a reduction of almost 90% compared to other years when there were 70,000 hectares planted with the grain.

During the month of March, Fedenaga has denounced several irregularities committed in the state of Zulia, especially in the municipality of La Cañada de Urdaneta, where 14 farm workers have been murdered and warned that the country had been taken over by the underworld.

“The working masses, innocent workers, are being vilely assassinated. (…) I think it is more the responsibility of the security forces to go out and give civil society security than to be stuck in service stations hindering the distribution of gasoline,” Chacín claimed, he reviewed. The Pitazo.

Recently, the deputy of the National Assembly elected in December 2020 and member of the Justice and Peace Commission, Maite Garcia, reported this Friday, April 1, that the peasants have requested that their complaints be submitted to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and other national and international bodies about the effects that the sanctions imposed by the US and other countries have had on them.

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