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Father of two protesters detained in Caimanera: “Right now I have nothing to take them”

Protestas en Caimanera / Alfredo Álvarez Pozo

MIAMI, United States. – Alfredo Álvarez Pozo, the father of Daniel and Rody Álvarez González, two of the protesters detained during the anti-government protests in Caimanera, told CubaNet that he is not sure of the whereabouts of his children and that he does not have anything to take them to jail.

Álvarez Pozo assured that he has learned, unofficially, that the five Caimanera detainees are in the State Security Operations Center, located on the highway to the El Salvador municipality, three kilometers from the city of Guantánamo.

“In real life I don’t know where they have them. Some say that such a day, Saturday, that you can go there to El Salvador to see them, but until now I am oblivious to that, “said the father of the two young people. “I am that I do not know what I am going to do. Right now I don’t have anything to take or cook for you,” he added.

Álvarez Pozo also explained that, during the protest on the night of May 6, the elite forces of the Ministry of the Interior known as Black Berets “went up on the protesters with sticks, they beat them.”

“People say that there are injuries, but I don’t know where they will have them (…). They [las autoridades] they say they are fine. And if they’re okay, why don’t they release them or say what they’re going to do with them? Maybe what they are waiting for is the swelling from the punches they were given to go down so then later tell them ‘don’t say this,’ ‘don’t say that,’ because they do all that here,” said their father. protesters.

Yeris Curbelo Aguilera, a reporter for the independent agency Palenque Visión, which interviewed for CubaNet to relatives of the five people detained in Caimanerasaid Monday that the town had “remained totally militarized” since the protests on May 6.

“The Black Berets are still here. On the night of the 7th, Rapid Response personnel were in the José Martí de Caimanera park. I was besieged by State Security agents the entire night, ”he recounted.

The reporter also spoke with the mother of two of the detainees. “She was talking to people from State Security because there are comments that one of them has injuries, Luis Miguel Alarcón. And they tell him no, that it’s a lie, to ignore what they say. They even caught his attention for having given me an interview.”

Regarding the official version of the regime, which spread that the demonstration had been carried out by a “small group” of drunk people, Curbelo Aguilera said that “none of the young people who protested had a bottle of rum or a can of beer in their hands.” .

“You can also see that none of the young people lose their balance while they are protesting and walking; They always hold a firm stance. His expressions are always coherent. That they were under the influence of alcohol is simply one more method that the regime uses to discredit those who demonstrate, ”she concluded.

“What drives these young people to demonstrate on the public highway, said by them in the demonstration and said by the relatives that I interviewed, is the shortage of food in Cuba and the high prices. They made it very clear: that there is hunger, high prices, but also the awareness that they live under a totalitarian, dictatorial and oppressive system. That’s why they scream ‘freedom’, they scream ‘Homeland and Life’”.

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