Agricultores paralizan por algunas horas trabajos construcción muro fronterizo

Farmers paralyze border wall construction work for a few hours

Dajabón.- Farmers protested and paralyzed for a few hours the construction work of the border wall carried out by the Armed Forces demanding payment for the land where the work will be built.

The protest was led by Nelson Tavera, Willy Castillo and Franklin Estévez, in the Villa Codepo sector, previously known as Hoyo del Puerco.

It was reported that the organizers of the protest were transferred to the Bellér Fortress, headquarters of the Army’s Tenth Infantry Battalion, where they met with the Director of Plans and Operations of the J-3 Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Rafael Antonio Núñez Veloz, and immediately desisted. of the protest and resumed work again.

According to the owners of the land, the military had not discussed or agreed on the payment of the land where it is being built. border wall on their properties.

It was on February 20 of this year when President Luis Abinader moved to Dajabón and started the construction of the border wall in a first stage of 54 kilometers with reinforced concrete and metal structure, 19 surveillance and control towers, 10 access gates for patrolling and 54 kilometers of roads for surveillance and maintenance on both sides.

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In the first part, it will be erected in the populated and sensitive areas of the border line and the construction will be carried out simultaneously on 6 fronts located in the 5 border provinces. It will be completed in 9 months at a cost of more than 1,750 million pesos.

The fence will benefit both countries because it will make it possible to efficiently control bilateral trade, regulate migratory flows in order to combat the mafias that traffic in people, deal with drug trafficking and the illegal sale of weapons, as well as protect the crops and crops of the ranchers and Dominican agricultural producers, according to President Abinader.

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