Fans of visiting teams will not be able to enter the stadiums in Mexico

Fans of visiting teams will not be able to enter the stadiums in Mexico

The president of the Mexican Liga BBVA, Mikel Arriolaannounced this Sunday that fans of visiting teams will no longer be allowed to enter the stadiums in championship games.

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“The supporters of visiting teams, as of today, are not going to be able to go to the stadiums, we are going to take this determination to ratification at the next meeting with the owners of the teams,” said the president at a press conference.

This is one of the actions that the Mexican league will implement after the acts of violence that occurred on Saturday during the game between Queretaro and Atlas at the La Corregidora stadium, located 215 kilometers north of Mexico City.

In the 63rd minute, a fight between fans of both teams that started in the stands went onto the pitch; the players took refuge in the changing rooms and the referee ended the match.

The images have gone around the world

The images of violence, with bloodied followers, went around the world. Arriola He also mentioned that while the investigations are being carried out, the plaza de Queretaro was disabled.

“The suspension status is as of today; there can be no soccer here in Querétaro. The Disciplinary Commission will decide what will happen to the stadium and as a preliminary measure there will be no soccer activity here,” he said.

Is the 2026 World Cup in danger?

The manager dodged the question about whether this act could endanger that Mexico be one of the venues, along with United States and Canadaof the 2026 World Cup.

“The event, of course, has been extraordinary in the media and the short-term challenge is to generate a clear response; give an effective punishment and in this way reverse this serious process that has eroded our image,” he explained.

Mikel Arriola He said that next Tuesday the league will have an extraordinary meeting with the owners of the 18 teams to determine the actions to take, as well as the dates for the continuation of the championship. “In the assembly we will deal with the relations of the teams with their animation groups so that they may or may not attend a football match.”

The league suspended the three games this Sunday that were missing in the ninth day and the activity of date nine of the women’s league.

Arriola reported that the official report of injuries is 26 injured: two women and 24 men. Three have already been discharged, three more are in the emergency room; one in intermediate therapy and the rest are reported stable.

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