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Family steals boat in Puerto del Mariel to escape Cuba

MADRID, Spain.- In recent days, a Cuban family stole a boat from the port of Mariel, in the province of Artemisa, to escape Cuba and reach the United States.

Juan Daniel Calvo, resident in the United States and brother of one of those involved, declared journalist Mario J. Pentón who had left the island in the early hours of September 23.

“I lost contact with him because he didn’t write to me anymore. I don’t know what happened and nothing is known until now. The Cuban government says nothing and neither does the United States Coast Guard,” Calvo said.

In addition, he indicated that in the small boat, which had the function of advising the entrances and exits of large ships in the Mariel, children and elderly people were traveling.

Calvo declared that “balls” are circulating about it: “It is said that the Cuban Coast Guard fell behind the boat and then I don’t know what happened there. Other comments indicate that the pilot is already back in the Port of Mariel, that is to say, that they returned the vessel to its usual place. In this latest version it is said that all those who tried to leave are imprisoned in Villa Marista”.

According to his testimony, he believes that they were rescued by the United States Coast Guard and they returned the boat.

“In any case, we fear for my brother’s life. It is not the first time that this has happened in Cuba, we already know that in other previous years something similar has happened like this, where the Cuban government has taken violence to punish people who do these things, ”he said.

Mario J. Pentón also called on the Coast Guard not to repatriate these people, for fear of what might happen to them in Cuba.

In 2003 a group of Cubans tried to divert the Baraguá boat, which transported passengers between the municipalities of Regla and Old Havana, to reach the coast of Florida. The attempt was thwarted by the regime that, after a summary trial, without the right to appeal or defense, executed three of these people.

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